Summer Programs and Workshops.

Summer Camps

Propbox PlayHalf day camp for ages 3-5 that explores movement, music, and acting to enhance social, collaborative, and communicative skills.  This class consists of storytelling, prop play, dance exercises and games to allow all students an opportunity to explore their creativity while expanding language and gross motor skills.


Register 2 or more

Fee: $75 for week per child, 2 or more $130 for week.

Propbox Performers:   Half day camp for ages 5-7 looking for a theatre classes that uses storytelling, creative movement, and acting exercises to enhance, artistic and academic abilities, end of the week performance where parents and family members will be invited. Space is limited to 15.

Fee: $85 for week per child, 2 or more $150 for week.


Register 2 or more

 Summer Performances:  Interactive adaptations of fairy tales, myths, legends, and folk tales to libraries, community centers, and theaters that incorporate the audience in all aspects of the show, from allowing very young audiences to play characters, manipulate props, and change the story.  Tickets: Depending on location, range from $5-10, families of four or more $20.

Theatrical Play:  A dramatic workshop for children with special needs, ages 3-5. This workshop will use low focus movement exercises, soft music, props, and theatrical games to engage students in gross motor, communicative, and social play. Fee:  $10 per child, family of 3 or more $25.

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